How To Reduce Hair Fall By Most Effective Yoga Asanas

Hair. But the stress of living in the current day, aging, improper eating habits, and lack of a regular fitness program may frequently take a heavy toll on your health, including your hair. This is especially true if you don’t exercise regularly.


Now, let us clarify to you how you may reduce the stress in your life, improve your physical fitness, and take better care of your hair all at the same time. The key to this situation is the practice of yoga. The practice of yoga and its associated health and aesthetic advantages has been practiced for as long as anyone can remember.


Still, since associated practices are so simple and uncomplicated, we tend to overlook them in favor of more costly beauty treatments. However, in the long period, none of these choices is ideal. Consider trying out any of these yoga positions, known to perform miracles, if you are serious about getting naturally long and dark hair.


Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)


Just put your knees beneath your thighs when sitting on the floor. Maintain a straight back and rest your hands on your upper thighs as you do this. Now, allow yourself to relax and focus on taking long, deep breaths. Your digestive system will benefit from you sitting in this posture.


Therefore, it encourages the proper circulation of blood rich in nutrients throughout the whole body. It also strengthens your body’s immune system, making it better able to fight off various scalp diseases. You may also take this stance just after you finish eating your meal.


Pawanmuktasana (Wind Releasing Pose)


Put your hands backside your head and grow your knees to your chest. Lie down on your back. After that, pull your knees toward your chest and embrace them. Exhale as you bring your knees to your chest, and inhale as you return to your starting position after bringing your knees to your chest.


It is an excellent method for enhancing digestion, which, in turn, affects one’s hair. It treats constipation, a condition that, if left untreated, may severely influence the development of hair.




Pranayam is a kind of breathing practice that may assist one in alleviating stress and enhancing blood circulation throughout the body. Both blood circulation and brain function are enhanced as a result. In addition to this, it assists your body in eliminating hazardous pollutants from its system.


In addition to this, you may also try practicing Nadi shodhan pranayam. In this technique, breathing is done to alternate between the two nostrils. It is advantageous for patients who endure stress, asthma, and cardiac issues. One of the most significant contributors to hair loss and other hair-related issues is stress.


Sirasasana (Head Stand)


To do this exercise correctly, you will need to balance your complete body on your head. You will need to flip your body over such that the ground supports your head while the rest of your body is inverted. You should be able to do this task successfully if you engage in the frequent practice.


It encourages healthier blood flow throughout the scalp. It does this by assisting in the delivery of necessary nutrients to the roots of your hair, which in turn stimulates hair growth. Not to add, holding this stance also guarantees that your body is toned and fit overall.


Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)


Position yourself so that you are lying on your back with your legs raised over your head and your toes pointed towards the ceiling. Maintaining your body’s equilibrium requires you to use your head, neck, and upper back.


Additionally, maintain a supportive position by keeping your hands on the middle of your spine. This position also encourages increased blood flow to the scalp, which feeds the hair roots and helps to prevent hair loss. In addition to that, it promotes healthy thyroid function and good respiratory function.


Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose)


Please take a seat on the floor with your knees bent and your hips positioned so that your heels support them. Now, bring your hands around behind your back and grab hold of your heels. After that, make a gentle bending motion with the top of your head towards the ground.


As soon as your head contacts the ground, elevate your hips. As you get into this posture, be sure to inhale deeply. Exhale as you return to the beginning position after holding the position for the count of five, and then return to the starting position. Because of this stance, blood circulation to the scalp is improved. It will leave your hair looking shiny, glossy, and healthy after using it.


Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)


Lie completely flat on your stomach while holding this stance. Please put your hands down on the ground in a position perpendicular to your shoulders. Now transfer your weight to your elbows and hands, and bring your chest up and forward.


Maintain contact with the floor with both your legs and feet. Maintain this position for twenty to twenty-five seconds at a minimum. This posture encourages the passage of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, which helps digestion and the functioning of the heart and lungs.


Ustrasana (Camel Pose)


This one is a very specific position to strike. It requires you to go down on your knees on the floor and bend your spine backward until your hands reach your ankles. You need to maintain this stance for a few seconds at the very least.


Don’t let your breathing go out of control. It would help if you exhaled while bringing yourself back to the kneeling posture. Those experiencing hair issues such as breaking and thinning the hair would benefit by striking this stance.


Don’t forget these tips:


  • Balayam is one more kind of yoga practice, and it is considered beneficial for the expansion of hair follicles. It has been shown that rubbing your fingernails together stimulates the creation of new hair.
  • In addition to yoga, a regular exercise routine is just as crucial as a healthy diet. Therefore, you should include into your diet items that are beneficial to hair, as this will assist you in resolving the issues you are having with your hair. To promote faster hair development, you should increase your consumption of iron, zinc, vitamins, and proteins.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals in or on your hair whenever possible. Instead, turn to natural products to stimulate the development of healthy hair.

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