How Do You Modify Your Address On Your Auto Insurance Policy?

It’s best to keep all of your legal documents, like your car insurance policy, up to date. If you have moved somewhere else for good, you should make the necessary changes to your car insurance policy as soon as possible.


Changes to your PIN code can significantly affect how you pay your premium and how your claim is paid. Read on to find out how to alter your car insurance policy’s address and other related information.


How do I change the address listed on my car insurance policy?


To change your car insurance policy address, you need to get in touch with us and ask for a policy endorsement. This is a method for making changes to your active policy paper. But don’t go yet! You don’t need to worry. As long as you pursue the terms and conditions of your policy, you can use it anywhere in the country.


But there’s a chance that the way your claim application is handled could be changed if the address is wrong. Because of this, you shouldn’t wait to change your address on your policy. Think of it as just another thing you need to do while moving to a new city.


It is an insurer that puts digital first. Because of this, you don’t need paper to make changes to your policy because the policy itself is digital. If you are a client and require to know how to change your address on your auto insurance policy, here’s how.


  • Step 1: Go to the Insurance Provider’s Site and use your One-time Password (OTP) to log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Click the “Edit Policy” button.
  • Step 3: Click the “Change Address” button.
  • Step 4: change the address.
  • Step 5: The policy document will show the new address.
  • Step 6: Download the latest version of your policy.


Note that if the insurance premium changes, you will be told what you need to do before making changes to the policy document. Also, if the updated RC needs to be shared, it will be done. The app, accessible for equally Android and iOS, can also be used to start the process. Changes to the process can happen from case to case or because of updates.


Does moving affect how much car insurance costs?


Yes, a change in your home address can affect your insurance premium, as long as the change is noted on the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC). Since the premium for Third-Party Liability Car Insurance is based on the size of the engine, moving won’t change how much the bonus is. But, for legal and compliance reasons, it would help if you changed the address.


For example, third-party claims might involve legal notices that must be physically delivered to the registered address. When figuring out your car insurance premium for a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, the place where your car is written is very important. The site is needed to figure out how risky it is to ensure the vehicle. The premium goes up, the more risk there is.


Possible scenarios


Here are three things that could happen when you change your address.


  1. Increase in premium


If the place you want to move to floods a lot during the rainy season, has a lot of car thefts or has had a lot of car accidents, the risk level of the place goes up. As a result, the premium also goes up.


  1. Decrease in premium


If the place you moved to is less dangerous than where you used to live, your premium may go down.


  1. Static premium


If the risk profiles of where you moved to and where you lived aren’t very different, the premium will stay the same.


How important it is to change the address


Aside from how it affects your premium, keeping your car insurance policy up to date with your new address is essential.


Official communication


Even though there are many ways to get in touch with policyholders (email, phone, etc.), sending official correspondence by mail or courier may be required by law in some cases. So, you should make sure your address is always up to date, so you don’t miss any official mail.


Proof of address


Even though a car insurance policy might not be your first choice when you need to show proof of address, it can be used in some situations. It’s good to have more than one proof of address on hand. You never recognize which will come in handy.


Avoid problems with claims


When trying to settle claims, significant differences in the address can be a huge problem in some situations. It’s unlikely, but it’s possible that the claim could be put off because of something so small. It’s better to be secure and ensure the policy has the current permanent address so that there are no problems when a claim is paid.

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